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The Right Contractor to Sell My House

Posted Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Home improvement has become a hot topic and even hotter investment over the years. Many people are adding on and upgrading, educating themselves on the right home improvements and additions that will make their home and financial investment stronger so they can sell their house fast.

One of the top tricks to home improvement, however, is labor. From the start of the project to the end result, if you do not have a lot of experience in home construction, the best suggestion is to get the right contractor. If you do have experience in home construction, but will want a helping hand, the right contractor on your project can make all the difference.

It used to be that contractors would only entertain the idea of working with you if you had a lot of money or were a celebrity of sorts. Nowadays, however, with fewer and fewer people making significant hundreds of thousands of dollars types of home improvements, contractors have become easier to find. Many contractors now specialize in the side upgrades and improvements that the average homeowner is interested in to help improve your homes assessment. However, just because the contractor calls you back does not mean that he or she is the best person for the job. How can you tell if you have found the right contractor for your home?

What’s his reputation? Before you allow a contractor to make any serious changes to your house, it pays to see what he has done before. Call up other construction companies or other local industry experts like your favorite plumber to see what the contractor has done before. Use search engines to google his or her name to see if there are any comments online. One important thing to consider is how many references he has. Even a bad contractor could convince some clients that he did a good job. If the contractor has a long list of references, they are both experienced and well-liked. Doing your research now can save you future heartache when you go to sell your house and avoid foreclosure.

Does his business card have a local address? If the contractor gives you his physical address, he is much less likely to skip town and drop the job at your home. If he has a post office box, don’t immediately dismiss him, but you will need to get more information on this individual before you begin.

What are some things that should concern you? If the contractor wants cash up front and only cash will do, warning noises should be going off in your head. If he wants cash, he is most likely avoiding taxes and possibly doing other illegal actions like hiring illegal employees and other mischievous problems. If he balks at applying for the permit or would rather have you do it, do not hire him. Permits are a complicated and serious task and one of the top reasons you hire a contractor. If he is asking you to do it, it could mean that he does not have the right licensing or has been barred from doing it due to past indiscretions on other home jobs. No matter what, this is a bad sign for a future employee of yours.