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What can make me sell my house fast and easy?

Posted Thursday, April 11, 2013

A rabbit’s foot hanging from your rearview mirror isn't going to help anybody sell a home. Dark clouds of short sales and foreclosures hanging overhead can present a monolithic obstacle to any current homeowner looking for a fast sale. However, if you have perseverance, patience, and planning mixed with a wheelbarrow full of luck, the dark skies will turn to blue, with nothing but green lights ahead. And regardless of the scuttlebutt you may hear around the office water cooler real estate agents recognize that there is a low inventory of homes in some areas which is due, in come cases, to lowball home appraisals which can often be a "deal killer."

Most homeowners considering a move and looking for a fast home sale should know by now that there are some "quick fixes" for a swift home sale yet first impressions really do count. And, for the most part, those "fixes" are simple and not expensive. And whether you're a FSBO (for sale by owner) or list with a realtor, that wannabe homebuyer driving up and down streets looking for a for sale sign, will speed on by your home if the outside looks like a "war zone" with two street numbers missing, peeling paint, unkempt yard, or damaged driveway; all of which are an instant turn-off for buyers.

Selling a home is not rocket science; only common sense is required. So here is your check list:
  • Curb appeal is what a prospective buyer will see from the street.
  • Organize and de-personalize the interior of your home. Clutter never sleeps, so find a place to stash it during any "open house." And while you're at it, bake some cookies.
  • Little fixes. Patch holes, replace broken tile and make sure doors open and close and all lights work.
  • Freshen up. Paint where it is needed inside and outside. Peeling paint, broken window shutters, and a bad odor is an indication you don't care and a lousy housekeeper.
Finally, get a quick appraisal and print some copies in case any "lookie lou" challenges your sales price. One option to Sell My House Fast is knowing what comparables homes are listed for within a one mile radius, and still unsold, then instruct your realtor to drop your sales price 15 percent immediately and notify MLS.

Another choice to Sell My House Fast would be to eschew a realtor and sell outright to a buyer, by doing a "seller carryback." You'll need an attorney but you dictate the terms with little risk.