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Sell My House COVID - 19

Posted Saturday, May 9, 2020

As the COVID-19 health pandemic has quickly impacted the world, our United States real estate market is getting hit hard. As a homeowner you rely on your income to pay your mortgage. With the shut-down of our US economy its causing homeowner to drain their savings and in some cases look for alternative to paying their mortgage s as mortgage relief options. Mortgage relief options include forbearance, extending your loan, or selling your home. In reviewing the last 30-days of Google website searches it reveals homeowner are evaluating selling their home due to the cause of COVID-19 . In the last 30 days there have been 50 to 100 people searching this topic each day. Prior to April there were zero searches a day. It's clear this health pandemic is causing stress and homeowner to evaluate alternatives. If you are thinking of selling your home one option you have is to sell to a local real estate investor. These investors will provide you with a fair offer for your home, and in some cases allow you to rent your home back.