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St Joseph Sell Your House, Is It Myth or Truth?

Posted Wednesday, August 10, 2011

According to some urban legends of our modern world, having a small statue of St. Joseph can help you to sell your house or other property. When you hear this for the first time, probably you will reward just with an easy and patient smile the imaginative storyteller. Nevertheless, many people swear that this type of statue can bring the luck to sell your real estate that has been stifling you for long time.

Of course, this is not as simple as it seems at first sight. There is a certain ritual you have to perform, if you want that real McCoy effect. Just having this statue itself will not necessarily bring the perfect buyer to your courtyard. Yet, if you do everything according to folklore, you can share with your fiends an exciting story, "How did I sell my house?" The basic axiom is that you have to bury the St. Joseph statue upside-down, opposite the street and close to the "on sale" signpost. Moreover, of course, do not forget to say a prayer to St. Joseph. You would not believe how many real estate agents and homeowners believe the positive "effect" of Catholic Church's patron saint of carpenters. The basic motto, according to few cheeky individuals with too much sarcasm that, since this ritual cannot hurt and if it cannot hurt, it can only help. For desperate homeowners, this is the perfect belief.

When we are talking about this kind of urban legend, we should not forget that this belief has a deep Christian tradition. By the legend and some historical chronicles, in the Dark Middle Age of Europe, a few nuns started to use this ceremony to get some properties for convents.

When they found a land or house, which would be appropriate for the need of the Church, in an unnoticed manner (part of the ritual) buried a golden coin with the picture of St. Joseph. They finished this rite with a prayer to Saint Joseph, stepfather of Jesus Christ. We, the distant offsprings, can just state that this could have been a successful ritual since it survived many centuries and because it was spread by word of mouth, it is part of our tradition now. Knowing these facts, it is not hard to believe that small statue of St. Joseph will maybe help to sell my house.

What if you are not Catholic? That is not a problem really in this matter; this belief is too popular just to belong one religion...and just one more important thing. When you have sold your property with success, remove the statue and take it to your new home.