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Buying or Selling a Prefabricated Home

Posted Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Prefabricated homes can be the ultimate in convenience as far as home building. The home site and foundation have to be prepared but otherwise, the house is trucked in and set on the foundation essentially complete. There is no long wait to move in. Carpenters finish up some of the detail work. An electrician hooks the fully wired house to the grid. A plumber has to make the final connections to the pipe in the foundation. Within a few days or less in some cases, the house can be move-in ready.

Perhaps, you already own a prefabricated home. Are there benefits that can be used to make the house more marketable? One fact is that the prefabricated home must be well built. It has to be trucked inon a flatbed. The house must be able to withstand not only the trip but also being picked up by a crane and placed on the foundation. A house that is built on site does not have to have walls and roof secured in such a way that they will not flex under such tension.

Perhaps, you want to build a house on a piece of land that you own and are deciding whether to buy a prefabricated house. Details must be dealt with as they come up. If a prefabricated house is ordered, most of the details are discussed at the onset during the planning. The house is built in the factory per the purchaser's specifications. Any number of options may be added and there are typically models with various features available to view so you know what you are getting. With a house built on site, you typically may only look at samples in a home supply store or brochures with no idea what the product will look like installed.

If you are saying "Sell my house", the prefabricated home curb appeal is no different than a site built home. Prefabricated homes can be simple one story units usually comprised of two sections or expansive multistory homes with any number of sections. The interiors can be simple or made with the finest materials.

Therefore, if you are in the "sell my house" column, the prefabricated home has benefits such as strong structure and the buyer knows it must meet the local codes. If instead, you are a buyer of a new prefabricated home then there is the added benefit of moving in quickly. Add the fact that the prefabricated home will have a warranty, and you cannot go wrong with a prefabricated home!