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How That Entryway Door Can Sell My House

Posted Thursday, March 29, 2012

The first impression potential home buyers get of your house from the street is very important. Home buyers often look for homes based on how they feel about the property. If the house looks great, inviting and feels right to walk into, then the homeowner will be more inclined to view the inside of the house favorably too.

Additionally, the front entryway to a home can have a tremendous impact on the overall value of a property. Good looking yards and snazzy front doors really increase the market value of a property by several thousand dollars or more. Many people are drawn to bright colors, so consider a more costly front door in a brighter color. Red is a very popular color right now. Doors with glass pane windows also catch the eye and let the light into the front entryway. It's a great investment to make into a property and an easy do-it-yourself project for homeowners.

The entryway is made up of more than just the front door, too. An inviting, yet practical area right inside the front door really serves to guide visitors into the home. There's so much a homeowner can do with this area to make it more utilitarian and also beautiful. A lovely neutral color of paint on the walls, some sturdy furniture and heavy tiling really cozy up this area.

Consider heavy, decorative tile for this space. It's much easier to clean up on rainy days, but is also very attractive looking. When your first thought is, sell my house, you'll want to invest a little extra money in the more expensive tiling for this space. It's such a small area that the cost won't be too prohibitive, but it will make a strong impression on home buyers.

Choose simple, but useful furniture for the entry. A small storage bench provides a place to sit when removing boots and jackets, but can also serve as a place to keep umbrellas, rubber boots and suntan lotion depending on the need. Also, remember that coat rack to keep things up off the floor.

Don't neglect the front of the house, the front door and the inside entry way when preparing your house for sale. Home buyers like a good looking property. It makes them more inclined to wander in, take a look around and develop an attachment to the place. Plus, the extra effort helps to raise the value of the home, meaning more money in the bank for you when you sell my house at the end of the day.