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Ways to Reject Offers When Selling a House

Posted Saturday, July 7, 2012

There will always be a time when you need to move on and put your house for sale. But whether you move out of the city or go back to your native place, isn’t it important to make sure that you are selling your house with good people especially if you have created an emotional attachment with the place. How would you know that you are entering a good deal? There have been many ethical questions on how you should reject offers when you were about to give up your home. Could people really do that? Of course, they can do that especially if the seller thinks that people are not fit to leave in the place or if the seller thinks that the deal is not fair. But before we go to ways on how to reject offers, let’s state the reasons that can be grounds to the rejections of the offer.

Price Range

First of all, it is important that the offer would meet the expected price of the seller. There are times when people insist to buy houses out of the price range. The price could be compromised but if it goes out far from the price that would not be negotiable at all. Discounts can be given but there are a lot of things that should be considered from the location and condition of the house, accessibility to basic necessities and important business and government establishments. It would all affect the price of the house.

Who Would Replace Us?

Another thing that most home sellers consider, odd as it may seem, are the people transferring to their house. While almost everyone has an emotional attachment to the place we lived in, there are a lot of people who investigates on the lifestyle and the attitude of the people who are transferring to their old home. To sell my house means I have to look at prospective buyers who may impress the look of my home.

The Point of Turning an Offer Down

If I wanted to sell my house, why should I need to turn down one of the buyer’s offers? There are a lot of ways on which you can do that but most of all make sure that you give them a reason on why you turned down their offer. It is easier if your transactions are mediated by a broker or an agent but what if you are the one who are transacting with the person? While it may be hard to say it, it is best to state the real reason why you don’t want to take his/her deal. Be professional about it and surely, you will be able to get through it smoothly.