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How Much Is My House Worth?

Posted Friday, June 8, 2018

Whenever you sell something, it's only natural you want to get a good price. This is especially true when selling a house, since it's generally the biggest investment you'll make in your lifetime. However, since real estate prices can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, such as the state of the nation's economy, current inventory of properties in your area, and other circumstances, it's important to get an accurate value of your property. But since there are many ways to go about this, it's always good to be armed with as much knowledge as possible about what determines home value. Therefore, when you decide it's time to sell my house due to a divorce, illness, inheritance, job relocation, or other life event, here are some details to keep in mind. 

Hire an Appraiser 
When many people want their home's value assessed, they choose to hire an appraiser. But before doing so, make sure it is one who is trained and certified, since their opinion can have a great impact on you financially. If you hire an appraiser, they will take many factors into consideration, such as the area where the home is located, condition of the home, and how much similar houses nearby sell for in comparable areas. 

Consult a Real Estate Agent 
While not giving as detailed a report as an appraiser, a real estate agent can still assess your home's value quite well. Since in many cases the agent will have a more in-depth knowledge of the local market and what other properties are selling for, the price they provide may in fact be closer to what you will actually get from a buyer. And while this option will also cost far less than hiring an appraiser, the agent may do so with the expectation of being your agent should you choose to sell. 

Online Home Valuation Tools 
Since people use the internet for so many aspects of their lives, it's no surprise they may also use it to assess their home's value. An easy and convenient way to determine the home's value, it's best to use these sites only to get a general idea as to the price of your property. For the most accurate results, consulting a trained and experienced real estate professional is always the best approach. 

While selling a home is always a big decision, it's also one that should not be done without working closely with an industry professional who has your best interests at heart. Therefore, if you decide to sell my house due to an illness, divorce, relocation, or inheritance, make the process as easy as possible by working with those who can get you the price you seek.