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Sell My House In San Francisco

Posted Friday, December 14, 2018

When it comes to U.S. cities, San Francisco holds a special place in many people's hearts. From the Gold Rush to today's modern tech companies, the city has been associated with opportunity for decades. Because of this, many people decide to move to San Francisco, and are always looking for affordable properties that showcase the city's unique architecture and natural beauty. Therefore, if it's time to sell my house due to a divorce, illness, relocation, or other life event, now is the perfect time. 

With the average San Francisco home selling for over $1.3 million, buyers are always seeking a bargain. This is true now more than ever, since housing trends in the city show an average annual rise in home prices of more than eight percent. This, coupled with average monthly apartment rentals of $4,450, make buyers very eager to find homes that are priced much more reasonably. Thus, by choosing to sell a home fast, you can offer your home at a much more affordable price than most comparable properties, allowing you to avoid the hassle of waiting months for your home to sell. 

In an average month, San Francisco has more than 1,000 homes sold. This translates to more than 30 homes per day, meaning there are plenty of buyers eager to make the city their home. However, if you choose to go the traditional route of selling your home, chances are you will have a long wait ahead of you. Instead, selling your home fast can help you stand out from the crowd. With only 41 percent of the city's residents currently owning their homes, offering your home at a lower price than comparable properties will quickly get you noticed, leading to a number of eager buyers making offers. 

If anything, San Francisco is known as a city that offers something for everyone. With 61 percent of its residents having a college education, schools are important to those planning to call the city home. Along with its variety of public and private education options, San Francisco has plenty of fun things to do. In the mornings, residents can start their day with a cup of coffee at Abada, one of the city's most famous coffee houses. And when afternoon arrives, many people get some exercise by walking up the Lyon Street Steps, or enjoying the San Francisco Heritage Mansion Tour. 

With more people than ever wanting to live in San Francisco, deciding to sell my house now is the best move you can make. By doing so, you can outsmart the competition, make a nice profit, and move on to your next adventure.