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Sell My House In El Paso

Posted Sunday, September 1, 2019

If you are looking for a great city in Texas, El Paso is an excellent choice. Nicknamed "The Sun City" for many years, El Paso regularly receives All-America City awards, has a thriving local economy, and offers a variety of interesting cultural activities for people of all ages. But along with all this, El Paso also has a real estate market different in many ways from other cities in Texas, making it the perfect place to sell my house.

Based on the latest MLS statistics, the average price for a home in El Paso is $143,700, far below the national average of $208,000. However, home prices are estimated to increase by more than five percent in 2020, and it is also thought that with the local economy thriving, more and more people will be moving to the city in the next several years. In fact, neighborhoods such as Bear Ridge, Upper Mesa Hills, and Ranchos Del Sol are areas where investors are expected to get excellent deals on homes in the coming year.

With its location so close to the Mexican border, El Paso schools have a diverse array of students. Because of this, a great emphasis is placed on bi-lingual learning, allowing many students to graduate with fluency in English and Spanish. Offering many religious-affiliated and Montessori schools, parents have many choices regarding their children's education. As for higher education, the University of Texas-El Paso has been ranked as one of the nation's Top 10 Universities in various National University Rankings, actually placing ahead of Ivy League schools such as Harvard.

As for how to have fun in El Paso, residents can take their pick of activities. If you are a football fan, you can enjoy the annual Sun Bowl, which is second only to the Rose Bowl in terms of college football's oldest bowl games. For those who love an active lifestyle and want to give the kids and even pets plenty of room to roam, you can visit Franklin Mountains State Park, which offers more than 24,000 acres and is considered the largest urban park in the United States. However, if your idea of fun is a local festival, El Paso is your kind of city. In fact, the city has a worldwide reputation for hosting some of the best music festivals anywhere on the planet. Whether you attend the Neon Desert Music Festival, Sun City Music Festival, or many others, you are guaranteed to have a great time.

With so much to offer residents, there is no better time than now to sell my house in El Paso to eager new homeowners or investors.