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Sell My House In Portland, OR

Posted Tuesday, December 31, 2019

With its nickname "The Rose City" and reputation as one of the most beautiful and culturally-diverse cities in the Pacific Northwest, Portland has an allure unmatched by other cities. Possessing more than 10,000 acres of public parks within its limits, it is a destination frequented not only by families, but also professionals who flock there due to its booming tech sector. Consistently ranked as a city with one of the best qualities of life in the nation, there is no better time than now to sell my house.

Named by Forbes Magazine as one of the best markets for real estate investments in 2019, most experts predict this will also be true in 2020. Due to the city's popularity, it is notoriously known for its low supply of available homes. While the average city is expected to have about 6,000 homes on the open market at any one time, Portland often has only about 3,000, thus making demand for housing far greater than supply. Yet due to the average median price of homes exceeding $573,000, many first-time buyers struggle to find affordable properties. This can play to your advantage, since once you decide to sell my house, you will be able to instantly have your property on the market at a fair yet much lower price than comparable properties. As a result, buyers will be eager to view your property and put cash in your hand.

With the city's emphasis on technology and cultural diversity, it's no wonder Portland schools are considered among the nation's best. Along with its public schools, the city has many private schools geared toward specific religious affiliations, including Portland Jewish Academy, Portland Lutheran School, and Central Catholic High School. As for higher education, Portland State University is often named in The Princeton Review for having one of the country's best undergraduate programs for students.

As for activities in Portland, they are as diverse as the city itself. For sports fans, there is nothing much better than attending an NBA game to watch the beloved Trailblazers on the court. As for its music scene, it is often called one of the most vibrant in the nation, and features everything from classical to rock. When it comes to educational attractions, few are better than the Portland Art Museum, Oregon Zoo, and Kendall Planetarium.

Clearly a city that has much to offer its residents, it is no surprise that people are constantly on the lookout for Portland properties. Thus, if you are needing to sell due to a job relocation, family illness, divorce, or perhaps an inheritance, doing so now will ensure your property instantly becomes a hot commodity for buyers.