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Real Estate Leads Company Expands Its Business

Posted Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dec 23, 2009 – In an effort to help more home owners get the professional home selling service they need, MotivatedRealEstateLeads.com has expanded its service and implemented a new referral program for real estate agents. The expanded service is part of the company’s goal to connect more home sellers with real estate agents and investors than any other company on earth and bring honesty back to the real estate lead generation industry.

Until now home seller leads generated by the company from their website http://www.experthomeoffers.com/ were delivered to real estate professional through real time email after a home seller requested to be contacted by a real estate agent or investor. The issue has been that many of the home sellers never received the service they were expecting. The company does not have a large enough network of real estate professionals to follow-up with the number of home sellers request it receives each month.

The lead generation company would get numerous emails and phone calls each day to its corporate headquarters asking if someone would be calling the home seller any time soon. “I filled out the home seller request form on your website 4 days ago and have not received a call back yet, is someone going to call me” is an example of the emails the company received.  

In an effort to increase customer satisfaction and get home sellers the service they expect by completing an online request form, the real estate leads company has hired dedicated staff to follow-up with home seller requests that are not automatically purchased by a local real estate professional. All the added staff has extensive real estate experience and understands the needs of a home seller and real estate agent in a transaction. Home sellers are not given any recommendations or real estate advice but simply asked if they would like to be contacted by a local real estate agent who is considered an expert in the area.  

“Since our company started in 2003 our issue has always been the size of our real estate agent and investor network. We generate thousands of real estate leads each month from all across the nation, but we do not have real estate professionals in every area signed up to receive our leads. This new program will solve the issue and provide better service for home sellers requesting and needing professional real estate help”, Says Shaun Greer, founder and owner of the company.

With top placement on the first page of the organic listings on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo for targeted key words like, sell my property and sell my house; the company generates thousands of home seller leads each month. Because their business model is not based solely on pay-per-click but a combination of article marketing, search engine marketing, blog marketing, social network marketing and classified marketing, it boasts one of the lowest real estate lead prices in the industry.

“It is important to me to operate an honest real estate lead generation company”, remarks Shaun Greer, the founder and owner of the company. “Too many real estate professionals have been taken advantage of from unethical lead generation companies, creating a negative stigma for the industry.”

MotivatedRealEstateLeads.com connects home sellers with real estate professionals nation wide. Real estate leads for realtors and real estate investors from home owners who want to be contacted.