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Sell My House in Boise to Save My Equity

Posted Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lets face it, life is not always easy and is not always perfect. Many good people get into financial situations which cause them to get behind on their mortgage payments. One day things were going great so you purchased a new house. A few months later you lost your job and now you can not make your mortgage payments.


Situations like this happen to many people each and every day. When a life changing event like loosing your job, or going through a divorce happen, usually your house becomes a large financial burden. In fact, with the real estate market slow and buyers having trouble getting financing your house can become a stressful, financial nightmare.


In September 2007 there are approximately 5,000 homes for sale in Ada County. Ada County is made up of the larger populated cities like, Boise, Eagle, Meridian, and Star. Out of the 5,000 homes for sale, approximately 400 homes sold in September. At this rate of selling many people are going to have a hard time getting an offer on their home.   


For this reason local home buyers exist. Local home buyers are in every real estate market. They will purchase your house fast and allow you to keep the majority of your equity. Local home buyers are honest real estate professionals who earn a living from helping people who need to sell their house fast.


There are many reasons you may need to sell your house fast, to stop foreclosure, finalize a divorce, loss of your job, etc. If you need to sell your house to save your equity, I recommend getting a free offer from your local home buyer.