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Inheritance Home Buying

Posted Thursday, July 30, 2015

While may people will inherit cash, jewelry, stocks and other types of assets when a loved one passes away, some will inherit their real estate holdings. In many cases, this is a family home that the deceased has lived in for years, but in other cases, it may be an investment property. The property may hold sentimental value to you, or you may only have an emotional bond to some of the heirlooms inside the house. If the property is a rental property, tenants may currently be occupying the home. Each situation is unique, and how each heir handles their inheritance can vary. Some may choose to move into the home, but others want to sell it. We buy houses in their current condition, and we can help you to turn your inherited property into cash with minimal effort.

What It Takes to Prepare a Home for a Traditional Sale

Selling an inherited property can be challenging in many cases. Most homes will require at least a small amount of repair and maintenance work to get them ready to sell, but some will need tens of thousands of dollars or more in repair work before they are in a condition to list on the market. Some heirs do not have the time or money available to fix a home up, and they may feel that they need to list the property well below market value in order to sell it quickly in as-is condition.

A Better Option Is Available

While following the traditional route of listing a property on the market and waiting for an interested buyer to come along is one option available to you, another option is to sell your property to a cash buyer. A cash buyer will purchase the property in as-is condition. There is no need to spend time or money fixing the property up to prepare it for sale. In addition, you will not have to wait for an interested party to make an offer or go through a lengthy process. The sale of the property may be completed within a week or two in many cases.

We buy houses quickly, and we are ready to make you a cash offer on the property you have inherited. Whether you have already decided to find a cash buyer or you are trying to decide what the best option is, you can contact us today to request an offer on your property. This can help you to determine how to proceed with selling your inherited property.