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Strategies for Selling Properties At Full Price

Posted Saturday, April 6, 2013

Selling Your House At Full Price
Since the real estate market constantly fluctuates, you probably won't sell your house for what you paid for it. The value could have gone up or down. Regardless of market ups and downs, you can ensure that you get the best possible price by selling smartly.

Understand Your Buyer
It is important to understand who your buyer is. Are most of the houses in your neighborhood selling to first-time buyers with FHA loans? If so, you may have to pay closing costs in order to get your house sold. Or, perhaps you neighborhood is more of a retirement community, in which case your potential buyers will have more equity than first-time buyers and will have different needs. Knowing your buyer will help you know how to negotiate an offer.

Find Your Buyer
The longer you hold on to your property, the more interest and property taxes you will have to pay. Perhaps you are wondering, "How can I sell my house quick?" In order to sell your home as quickly as possible, you will need pre-approved buyers. Mortgage brokers are a great resource for finding them because many mortgage brokers have pre-approved buyers who have not yet found a house. By working together, the broker gets a mortgage, the buyer gets a house, and you get your house sold quickly.

Understand Appraisals
Appraisals are only educated estimates of what the property should sell for. They do not always reflect the market value of the home. Therefore, if you are disappointed with a low appraisal, try listing your house for more than the appraised value and see what happens. You can always negotiate with your buyer after he makes an offer. However, while a high listing price might enable you to sell your house for more, it could also take longer to sell it.

Think Outside The Box
Perhaps your property is so underwater that you don't know if you can afford to sell it. You will have to ask yourself, "Is is better for me to sell my house quick as possible, or to hang on to it a while and try to sell it for more?" If you are worried that your house will appraise too low, you might want to consider seller financing or rent-to-own leases. You do not need an appraisal, a pre-approved buyer, a mortgage broker, or a real estate agent for these options. However, your buyer must have a certain amount of available cash.