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Sell My House In Indianapolis, IN

Posted Monday, December 17, 2018

While many U.S. cities are expensive in which to live, Indianapolis is an exception. The second-largest city in the Midwest, Indianapolis is ranked by Forbes as one of the Top Ten Cities for First-Time Home Buyers. Along with this, it has transformed itself from a manufacturing city to Indiana's center for new technology. Home to 150 tech companies, more people are moving to Indianapolis each year. Because of this, if you are downsizing, getting divorced, or wanting to sell an inherited property, deciding to sell my house now is a smart decision for many reasons. 

While the national average for home prices is $187,000, Indianapolis comes in at $130,000, 30 percent below the national average. This, along with statistics showing a person earning $100,000 annually here would have to make in excess of $272,000 annually to have the same standard of living on the West Coast, makes the city an attractive destination for home buyers. By choosing to sell your home fast, you will be able to offer a comparable property at lower prices than buyers expect to find, making your home a much more attractive option. 

Having spent more than $2 billion to revitalize its downtown area, Indianapolis now has one of the most vibrant downtown areas in the nation, based on a Forbes survey. As a result, homes in this area are also in high-demand, especially for first-time home buyers and those who are relocating to the city for employment opportunities. This will be a decided advantage for those selling their homes, since buyers will be willing to pay top-dollar to have a beautiful home near where they want to work and play. 

With the city becoming a high-tech hub, public schools and colleges now place an increased emphasis on technical training. This, along with many employers offering to pay for employees to attend specific training programs, is drawing more and more people to the city each year. And once they arrive, they quickly discover not only the great educational and employment opportunities, but the many fun activities as well. For sports fans, taking in a Pacers NBA game or viewing the Colts on a Sunday afternoon is a must. And of course, true Colts fans will have to take a moment to visit the Peyton Manning statue located nearby. Along with these activities, residents can also tour the Indianapolis Museum of Art, visit White River State Park, or enjoy the USS Indianapolis Memorial. 

With so much to offer residents, Indianapolis is a prime destination for home buyers. Therefore, deciding to sell my house now virtually guarantees you'll have little trouble lining up numerous buyers who have cash in their hands.