Customer Testimonials - Home Sellers

Read just a few of our customer testimonials and how ExpertHomeOffersTM has made a difference for them!


I just wanted to thank you so much for buying my home. It was a great relief to have that weight lifted off my shoulders so quickly. I have to admit, I was really skeptical at first, thinking I would be taken advantage of, in one way or another. You were up front and very honest with me about everything. I had an asking price in mind and it’s what we agreed on, and it’s what I got from you. You asked when I would like to close, I gave you a date of about 2 weeks out, and you worked quickly and we made that closing date. The small loan you gave me to help me out in the beginning, you went far and beyond what most people would have done. For that I am very grateful. I will most assuredly recommend you to anyone in the same position I was in. Feel free to have anyone you are working with, who is skeptical about your business call me. I'd be more than happy to put there minds at rest.

Suzanne M.


I wanted to send my appreciation to you for buying our home and stopping us from getting a foreclosure. After my accident at work things had been going down hill. They cut my hours so we could no longer pay all of our bills. We refinanced our home to pay some medical bills and other living expenses. Then we tried to sell our house. We first tried to sell with a realtor but no realtors were willing to sell our home because we had no equity. Then we tried to sell FSBO but did not received one offer, and FSBO even put a lien against our home because we could not pay them. After we contacted you, we were amazed to get your offer. You worked very hard to negotiate with our mortgage company to get some of the loan released. You purchased our home and saved our credit.

We sincerely appreciate your help.
Lisa and Dave P.

I was in a position where I had to sell my house fast and the local expert with helped. He was a wonderful person to work with and a kind and caring individual. He was nice enough to help me get into another home as part of their Rent-To-Own program, and he made it very easy. He had faith in me even though I lost my job. I feel like he was a real life saver. He was honest and sincere and he made me feel like he really cared. I would highly recommend to anyone. They have good ethics and are good hearted people.

Theresa W.