Have You Recently Inherited A House?
Dealing with inherited homes can be a confusing and emotional time. Often times there are many family members on title or the home is located out of town. It is never good to have a vacant home even in the nicest of neighborhoods. ExpertHomeOffers.com understands your situation and we are here to help. We specialize in purchasing homes quickly and professionally.
  • Have you recently inherited a home?
  • Do you need to sell a vacant home?
  • Would you like to sell a home to get your equity?
We are a local real estate investment company and we purchase many homes each month. We specialize in solving real estate problems. If you have recently inherited a home and would like to sell quickly; Please complete our seller form at the left side of this page and we will be in contact with you shortly.

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Selling my inheritance
Inherited homes can be a pain to sell. Many times they have deferred maintenance ans need updating. In many cases the new home owners are not located in the sale city or state as the home.

Inheritance Home Buying
While may people will inherit cash, jewelry, stocks and other types of assets when a loved one passes away, some will inherit their real estate holdings. In many cases, this is a family home that the deceased has lived in for years, but in other cases, it may be an investment property. The property may hold sentimental value to you, or you may only have an emotional bond to some of the heirlooms inside the house. If the property is a rental property, tenants may currently be occupying the home. Each situation is unique, and how each heir handles their inheritance can vary. Some may choose to move into the home, but others want to sell it. We buy houses in their current condition, and we can help you to turn your inherited property into cash with minimal effort.

Should You Sell the House You Inherited?
Baby boomers are expected to inherit about $27 trillion over the next forty years, and much of that will be the homes their parents lived in. Inheriting a parent's home can bring on a great deal of emotional and financial uncertainty, and it only gets trickier if there are siblings involved.

The Ease of Selling Inherited Real Estate
It happens every day. Parents leave their children the assets that have been gathered throughout the years, sometimes including the family home. While this may seem like a big pink elephant to try and liquidate, nothing could be easier. Follow these steps and refuse to listen to the past experiences of friends. Not every situation is the same especially when it comes to family.