Answers for real estate professionals to frequently asked questions about lead generation services.

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We are dedicated to connecting more motivated home buyers and home sellers with real estate professionals nation wide than any other company on earth.

We understand that in order to accomplish our goal we need to operate an honest, and reputable lead generation service that helps real estate professionals grow their business.
Our business structure is built around providing quality real estate leads to real estate professionals; No sign-up fee, No monthly fee, No long term contracts, Pay per lead, Pay as you go lead service, Quality real estate lead guarantee, Reward for closed transactions, Referral Incentives

For your convenience we offer exclusive and non-exclusive leads. Exclusive leads are only sold to one real estate professional. Non-exclusive leads are sold to a maximum of 3 real estate professionals. Exclusive leads cost more than leads sold to multiple real estate professionals but you will be the only one making contact with these motivated home buyers and home sellers.

Our leads come from customers who are actively looking for help with a real estate transaction. All leads are qualified with our comprehensive home buyer or home seller online form. The majority of our leads are generated through our sister website This website was developed by highly educated real estate, communication, sales, and search engine optimization professionals. The website and all marketing of the website is targeted to motivated home buyers and sellers who need help completing a real estate transaction.

Top organic listings in the search engines:
Thanks to our SEO experts our sister website is listed at the top of the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo for highly competitive key words. Example key words: sell my property, sell my house fast, buy my house, sell my house, buy my property…and hundreds more that home sellers search for every day.

We have in house article writing professionals that create high quality, highly targeted real estate articles. We have literally thousands of unique real estate articles on the web with information to help customers buy or sell their home. Our articles are distributed across hundreds of blogs, article directories, and websites.

Our real estate articles are at the top of the search engines for highly competitive key word phrases home buyers and sellers search for each and every day. Every one of our articles has a link back to our website for the customer to follow and complete our home buyer/seller form.

Pay Per Click:
The reason we can provide more high quality leads at a lower price than our competitors is because our website shows up multiple times on the first page of Google and other search engines for highly competitive key words. Thanks to our SEO experts we already show up under the top organic listings on the first page, but to increase the chances of home buyers and sellers coming to our website we spend thousands of dollars each month on pay per click marketing.

For a website listed on the 1st page of Google’s search results there is a 1/13 = 7.69% chance of someone following the link to a website. Because we have a top organic listing and a pay per click listing we automatically trump our competition with a 2/13 = 15.38% chance of customers following our links to our website. Combine this with the fact that customers are more likely to come to our site because our listings are at the top of the page and found multiple times on the page our actual percentage is closer to 32%.

Social Websites:
Social networking sites are all the rage now and their outlook in the future is nothing short of bright. We have a dedicated marketing team that submits content to the nations top business social networking websites. Some of these include but are not limited to. Active Rain, Twitter, dig, Propeller, Linkedin...and many more.

Traffic is generated through direct searches on the social networks and search engines indexing the content and displaying it on search results. All the profiles lead back to our home buyer and home seller form.

Classified Websites:
It used to be when people were in need of a service they opened their Sunday newspaper or phone book and called the service provider with the largest and brightest ad. Now days when people search for a service provider they turn to classified websites and search engines.

We have multiple ads on multiple classified websites that generate leads nation wide. Our ads are posted on the top real estate classified websites like Craigslist, Backpage, Hoobly, Kijiji, and others.

Our company operates multiple real estate blogs that generate real estate leads every day. Our blogs are targeted to home buyers and sellers. All of our blogs are real estate related and range from educational to news related. Blog readers follow our links and complete our home buyer or home seller online form.

Strategic Partnerships:
In our dedication to connect more home buyer and home seller with real estate professionals than any other company on earth we partner with companies that help us better serve our clients.

Real estate leads are delivered to you real-time within seconds after a customer makes a request. To better serve you we provided two ways to receive your real estate leads.

Each lead will be sent to the e-mail address of your choice within seconds of the customer completing our online form. We suggest this being your primary e-mail address so you can follow up with the client in a timely manner.

Account Management Area:
Every lead is sent to your account management area on our server. You can log-in to your account management area with any internet connection in the world. This area also allows you to save notes on each lead and manage each lead as new, active, or old.

We do not required sign-up or cancellation fees, monthly fees, or minimum purchases. Each lead is only sold or referred to one real estate professional so leads are exclusive.

For real estate investors and real estate agents with high splits with their brokers we recommend our pay/lead program. Lead cost on our pay/lead system are $14.95 for home buyer and home value leads, dynamic (you choose the price you want to pay) for home seller leads. Allowing real estate professionals to option to choose their price per lead give real estate professionals the flexibility to increase or decrease their lead volume. The more you are willing to pay for a lead the more targeted marketing we will do to send you motivated clients.

For agents and brokers we also offer a referral based payment system where you only pay for closed transactions. The referral fee is 25% of the gross commission paid at closing. We have an automated, online referral process that allows you to quickly complete the referral and contact the potential client.

Each of our real estate professionals has a secure, password protected account management area on our server. You can connect to this from any internet connection in the world and it is available 24 hrs a day. You can manage all aspects of your account from any internet connection. This includes creating a new lead campaign to get exclusive home buyer, seller, and value leads, changing the maximum number of leads per month, changing the zip codes you want to receive leads in, and pausing or canceling your lead campaigns.

When starting a new lead campaign your credit card will be authorized for $0.01, (not billed for this amount). Your credit card will be charged at the end of every week (Sunday) for the leads you received that week. The total charged amount will be for the total number of leads received during the week minus any lead credits you have received for invalid leads.

All of our leads come from clients who are motivated and complete our comprehensive online form asking to be contacted by a real estate professional. In the event you receive a lead that contains incorrect contact information simply request a lead credit within 72 hours and we will credit your account the cost of the lead, simple and honest. Lead credits apply to leads purchased through an active lead campaign. We do not credit for individual lead purchases. To request a lead credit log into your account, click on "my leads", click on the pencil next to the lead, this will open the lead details, then click on "Return for Credit" at the bottom of the page. Our team will then verify the validity of the lead and accept your lead credit request. 

We have the most comprehensive, detailed home buyer, seller and value leads in the industry. When a client takes the time to complete our form you can be assured that they are motivated and willing to talk with a real estate professional. For a complete list of information we collect see our home buyer and home seller forms.

We use technology and highly targeted marketing campaigns to ensure every lead we generate is from a motivated home owner or home buyer. Many of our home seller leads are home owners going through a difficult situation like, pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, job transfer, health illness, divorce, or investors who do not want to be landlords any longer. Home owners in these situations are highly motivated and responsive to real estate professionals who can help.

Our real estate referral system is available to all licensed real estate agents and brokers. Once you have created a free account, click on the “Referrals & Lead Notifications” link in the left side of the page, then choose which real estate leads you would like to receive (home buyer leads and or home seller leads), then select which state/city/county you would like to receive leads and remember to click on “add all zip codes”.

Once you have completed the steps above, you will start to receive referral notification e-mails that include a unique URL for the lead. Then you can click on the URL and complete our on-line referral process to receive the home buyer/sellers information. Please note, all referrals are exclusive and delivered to the first agent/broker that completes the referral. Here is a video of how the Referral Process.

Once you have created a free account, you can start receiving exclusive real estate leads by creating an active lead campaign. You can create as many lead campaigns as you would like. Typically agents/investors create one for home seller leads and one for home buyer leads. Here is a video of how to Create an Active Lead Campaign.

This video will show you how to setup your account to receive lead and referral notifications from home buyers and home sellers in the exact zip codes you want to receive them for. Referral and Lead Notification Setup Video

This video will show you how to Search and Buy Individual Leads

Example: Real estateprofessional “A” creates a lead campaign and sets a maximum lead price of $100per lead and requests a maximum lead quantity of 5 leads per month. Real estateprofessional “B” creates a lead campaign with a maximum lead price of $85 perlead and requests a maximum lead quantity of 10 leads per month.

A maximum of 5 exclusive leads will first be delivered toreal estate professional “A”, and then real estate professional “B” will startreceiving a maximum of up to 10 leads.