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Selling Property Due to Illness

Posted Monday, July 6, 2015

Illness can significantly affect anyone’s life. You, a relative, or a friend can experience unexpected health problems and unforeseen expenses can quickly mount. Then, decisions have to be made about how best to handle those pressing expenses. Many people find themselves in a situation that requires them to quickly sell their property. The key is to find an estate agent that can help limit your financial worries and generate fast cash. Money is often needed for operations, nursing care, and other relevant costs.

If an illness is long-term or terminal, selling the home as quickly as possible can be the best option. The sale can allow money to be freed up for health-related expenses, while preventing the bank from foreclosing on the home. Many ask, “What can I do to sell my property?” Several options are available:
  • Use a Realtor – Licensed real estate agents can be on the best sources of selling your home. They’re skilled individuals who understand the home-buying process. Your home will be placed on the market, advertised in the right marketing mediums, and shown to potential buyers. Real estate agents are also skilled at making sure all the paper work is in order.
  • Let a home-buying business purchase the home – In addition to services or programs offered by a real estate agent, there may be an option to let a home-buying business sell your home. Homes can be quickly sold using this scenario. Using this technique removes much of the stress in having to find a real estate agent and waiting for prospective buyers to sign the deal and complete all paperwork. In addition, there are no fees to worry about or commissions to be paid. The home-buying business, in many instances, will buy the home as-is.
What Are the Restrictions That Can Make it Difficult to Sell My Property?

Even if working with a real estate agent, or a home-buying business, there are a number of things that can make your home difficult to sell. You have to step inside the buyer’s mind and ask yourself why someone would want to buy your home. The following might make it more difficult to sell your property under any condition:
  • Your home is in poor condition. Making sure your home’s curb appeal is on par should be something that’s already taken care of. The reasons are obvious—you can never know the conditions that might require you to sell your home.
  • The wrong listing agent was hired. Choose an agent that’s competent, honest and experienced. The best method of choosing the right agent is through referrals. The least expensive listing agent isn’t always the best. Customer service and the ability to get the job done matters over price.
It’s always a good idea to plan ahead for the unexpected. Even if you’re in the best of health, plan for the moment when you may have to sell your home, or a loved one's, due to an emergency illness or death.