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Sell My House In Atlanta, GA

Posted Thursday, March 14, 2019

Known simply as "The ATL," Atlanta is one of America's most popular cities. Ranked high for its continuing influence on global commerce, education, technology, and entertainment, the city is growing at a rapid pace. With unemployment of less than four percent, plenty of great activities for residents of all ages, and a thriving real estate market, new people are arriving in Atlanta each day. Because of this, it's a great time to sell my house, especially if the time has come to relocate due to a divorce or a new job. 

In the Atlanta real estate market, the median price of homes is $241,200, which represents an increase of almost 15 percent from last year. With prices expected to increase 5.5% this year, potential homeowners will be looking to buy properties as quickly as possible. This, coupled with the statistic that the average home listed for sale stays on the market for a minimum of 50 days, will make it a perfect time to sell my house fast. By being able to offer a comparable property at a lower price, there is no doubt buyers will give your home a close look. 

For many people moving to Atlanta to start a new career or simply a change of scenery, the city offers excellent neighborhoods, schools, and much more. With the city's emphasis on high-tech industries and cultural endeavors, it is no wonder Atlanta has some of the best public and private schools in the country. In fact, many students attend charter schools within the city, such as Pace Academy and Atlanta International School. As for higher education, the University of Georgia is one of the nation's premiere research institutions, and the city also boasts numerous well-respected law schools at the University of Georgia and Emory University. 

Once residents move to Atlanta, they are amazed at the diversity of interesting activities around the city. With its distinct Southern culture, Atlanta is known for hospitality and variety of fun activities for folks of all ages. For many people, attending the city's array of festivals is a must each year. In fact, the city is famous for its street art, and offer such events as Living Walls and the Outerspace Project, which combine art, live music, and other entertainment. For others, a visit to the Georgia Aquarium or College Football Hall of Fame may be on the agenda. 

With its 343 parks spread throughout various neighborhoods, Atlanta is a great place for anyone to live, regardless of their age. Thus, if you are ready to sell a home quickly, there is little doubt that once your property is made available, buyers will be eager to make you an offer that cannot be refused.